Permaculture and gardening is the future of modern farming

Today, almost everyone relies on industrial production for most of the goods that are used in day to day life. People want cheap fuel, fast food, and goods that are thrown after using them once or twice. Unfortunately, nothing out of these items is made using sustainable environment friendly techniques.  This is when techniques like permaculture come in the picture.

What does it mean?

The world permaculture is derived from two words, permanent and culture. It means reducing dependence on fossil fuels, chemicals and relying more on sustainable processes for producing various items. Permaculture agriculture is slowly gaining popularity these days. It involves using natural non-chemical fertilizers, diverse crop planning, and using local resources to create sustainable atmosphere for agriculture.  It promotes community based interdependent farming with smaller farms instead of big industrial farms.


Records suggest that permaculture farming was started as an initiative by Australia based ecologist and wildlife biologist Bill Mollison.  Industrial revolution and its impact on overall life and culture started showing its visibility during 70s, and this is when Bill Mollison decided to take steps and face this revolution positively. Bill started studying Mother Nature and shared his findings about sustainable farming with others.  This is when such farming made it in the limelight for the first time.

Permaculture in your garden

Wish to develop garden with minimum efforts and get maximum yield? Try permaculture approach while gardening.

Nitrogen can enrich your garden’s soil and perhaps, this is the reason you would opt for nitrogen releasing fertilizers. Permaculture approach involves using natural substitutes for chemicals. So, instead of using fertilizers, why not use plants that can generate nitrogen? Instead of using poisonous pesticides, you can grow some plants that insects like to eat; this would make sure that they stay away from plants that are important for you.


Permaculture philosophy is all about creating balance with nature instead of stretching the same. It also helps people to reduce dependence on pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. Permaculture philosophy promotes use of animal and plants waste as fertilizers. Most importantly, these principles also work perfectly in abnormal climatic conditions.

Wish to learn more about sustainable farming?

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